5 Reasons To Join

The FISA membership includes more than 110 Distributors and Manufacturers of hygienic processing equipment. We want you to join us.

 Five Reasons to Join FISA:

1. To grow your business. Through webinars, educational opportunities and the Annual Conference, you will learn how to improve productivity, performance and profitability.

2. To network with leaders of hygienic processing companies because nothing beats face to face interaction, and FISA is the place to meet the leaders and develop lasting relationships.

3. To create new working partnerships with members.

4. To learn about emerging trends, technology, and leadership from some of the experts in the country. FISA hires speakers and promotes learning experiences that an individual company could not afford to offer by itself.

5. To strengthen the hygienic processing distribution channel by promoting stronger relationships between distributors and manufacturers.


To consult with a nationally recognized HR consultant available to answer your individual questions and to find valuable HR resources available to you in the Members Only section of the website.

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