Q. What does FISA stand for?

A. FISA stands for Food Industry Suppliers Association which is the name under which the association was chartered. Through the years, however, FISA members have grown to serve many more markets than food therefore the Association goes by the acronym: FISA.

Q. How do you pronounce FISA?

A. FISA is pronounced (FEESA) and when said with a Southern accent, it sounds like VISA.

Q. What kinds of companies are members of FISA?

A. Members are Distributors and Manufacturers who go to market through distribution in   serving hygienic processing. We also have Associate members who are firms providing services to Distributors and Manufacturers.

Q. Is there a difference in benefits for different types of members?

A. No, all member companies receive the same benefits. The difference is that only Distributor and Manufacturer members are eligible to serve on the FISA Board of Directors.

Q. How long is my membership effective?

A. The FISA fiscal year ends on June 30th so each company renews its corporate membership by July 1st.

Q. Is the membership just for one person?

A. No, your membership is a corporate membership, and you are encouraged to submit as many employee names/emails as you choose for the database. By being in the database, your employees will get newsletters, notices of webinars, and notifications about meetings and special events.

Q. How do I join FISA?

A. Joining FISA is easy. Click on the button that says Join on this homepage and fill out the application. Submit your dues by credit card, and your application goes to the FISA Board of Directors. You will be notified about membership within three days.

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