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Dr. Al Bates is President of the Profit Planning Group in Boulder, Colorado. His firm annually conducts the profitability survey for FISA distributors and he is the author of a quarterly newsletter on profitability mailed to all FISA members. Dr. Bates has spoken at both the 1998 and l999 FISA Annual Conferences. His partner, John Mackay, spoke at the 2003 Annual Conference.


Brian Beaulieu is Executive Director of the Institute for Trend Research and a regular speaker at FISA Conferences. He provides economic forecasts with 96% accuracy.


Landy Chase is a nationally recognized expert who speaks professionally to associations and corporate clients in the area of professional sales and marketing. He participated in the 2004 and 2005 FISA Annual Conference.


Nancye Combs, AEP-SPHR, is an authority on Human Resources and Organizational Development. She is President and CEO of HR Enterprise, Inc. and has spoken at FISA Annual Conferences. As a membership benefit, FISA members have access to complimentary consultation with Nancye. For details, see the Members Only section of the FISA website.


Bob DeStefano is President of SVM E-Business Solutions , a leading online marketing agency. He was a speaker at the 2011 FISA Annual Conference.


J. Michael Marks and Don Gibbons are Principals & Managing Partners of Indian River Consulting Group. Indian River affiliate companies are experience driven consulting practices for implementation and execution of management and technology solutions to supply chain challenges. Michael Marks was a speaker at the l998 FISA Annual Conference in Toronto, Canada.


Dr. William R. McCleave, Jr. PE is president of W.R. McCleave & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in relationship management for distributors, manufacturers and their customers. An internationally known distribution consultant, he recently co-authored Stand Out From the Competition! Four Pathways to Differentiate Your Wholesale Distribution Company published by NAW. He has been working with FISA for the past several years on special projects and participated in Annual Conferences.


Jim Pancero is a popular speaker and has some of the most advanced leading edge "business-to-business" sales and sales management training available today.


Diane Thielfoldt, learning strategist and co-founder of the Learning Café specializes in developing training on the four generation workforce, leadership and mentoring. She was a speaker at the 2009 FISA Annual Conference.