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In the Resource Center, find access to nationally recognized speakers and consultants as well as publications of interest to channel partners serving sanitary processing industries.


Access  links to the outstanding speakers who have participated in FISA Conferences. Learn more about sales, marketing, financial management,human resources,  generational issues and other management trends of interest to channel partners.


Keep up with trade association industry news through the FISA newsletters. Also you will find a link to NAW to order the latest publications on trends in distribution affecting distributors and manufacturers serving  food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Industry Links

NAW president: How distributors should respond to Amazon 

The threat of Amazon to distributors should not be overlooked, but the best companies have always responded to market changes by focusing on delivering for customers, according to National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors President Dirk Van Dongen. He said one factor that will help is a law that requires online sellers to collect sales taxes on transactions. Amazon has had an advantage because it had avoided collecting such taxes, but the Marketplace Fairness Act, if it became law, would "level the playing field," Van Dongen said. TED Magazine (5/23)

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